Burton Lumber offers a wide variety of glass block window products.
Burton Lumber offers installation on several of our window products, as well.
Windows are our specialty!
Installation Services are available.
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What really sets the LightWise® window apart from the crowd is simple: it's real Glass Block. LightWise® windows will not scratch, burn or discolor, providing years of timeless beauty. Plus, no other window system looks quite like a real Glass Block window. You get the security, durability, and beauty of Glass Block for about the same price as any other specialty window.
It's never been easier to use Pittsburgh Corning Glass Block for window applications. New LightWise® windows install like traditional windows. Just place the Glass Block in the window opening and fasten along the built-in nailing fins which are now set back 1¼" to fit all siding and stucco applications.
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