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Burton Lumber has a long history of suppling high quality Andersen window and door products. As a member of the Dealer Service Network with Andersen Windows, Burton Lumber is also qualified to help service repair and replacement warranty work. We also offer installation on new and replacement Andersen Products. Give us a call and we can find the right product for your next project.
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The threat of catastrophic damage from hurricanes increases as more people decide to call coastal areas home. As a result, new building codes in these areas require windows and doors to withstand the effects of high wind and windborne debris associated with hurricanes and coastal storms. Andersen® products with Stormwatch™ protection are up to that task. They are always ready, even when you are not there. No more shutters to close or plywood sheets to install at the last minute. Products with Stormwatch protection are part of the Andersen 400 Series, so they help safeguard coastal homes without sacrificing beauty.
High performance Low-E Glass helps keep homes cool in summer, warm in winter.

Monolithic impact-resistant glass is reinforced with a clear plastic laminate sandwiched between two panes to resist impact, forced entry, sun damage and unwanted noise.

High-Performance impact-resistant glass(HPIR) provides all the benefits of monolithic impact-resistant glass, along with the thermal protection of High-Performance Low-E glass.

- Frame, sash and panel reinforcements to combat pressure shifts from high winds
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